Temporary Store

Bimar is pleased to present its Temporary Store in Sirmione Brescia.

At this special store you will be able to find end of range promotions and sub-range products, all at very affordable prices.

Bimar's Temporary Store, provides a wide range of small appliances, personal care products, fans, heaters, etc. all at factory prices.

Our professional staff will also advise and assist you in buying the product that is most suited to your needs.

Our Temporary Store offers you fantastic special offers. The quality and design are that which you have come to expect from Bimar, but at truly affordable prices.

What's the difference then between these and a small appliance, fan or any other product sold at Bimar's traditional stores?

As already mentioned, the products at this store have slight aesthetic defects such as a scratch or dent, or are no longer in production. The products are however in perfect working order.

Their performance is completely guaranteed..

Are you interested in striking a deal with Bimar products?
Come visit us!
Our Temporary Store is in Sirmione -Brescia, on Garda Lake.
Open Monday to Friday, from 9:00 until 12:30 and to 13:30 until 17:30.